How do I tell you my story?

Simply choose which magazine you would like your story to appear in, then a writer from your preferred title will contact you if your story is suitable for publication.  They will interview you and may even send a professional photographer to your house.

Then once your story is finished it will be read over the phone to you to make sure you are happy.

Then all you need to do is wait for your cheque to land on your doormat!


When will I be paid?

You will receive payment 4-6 weeks after the publication of your story.

Why shouldn’t I use a story agency?

A story agency is like a middleman. It supplies stories to our magazines and takes a cut of your money. By coming to us direct you can be assured nobody else will profit from YOUR story.

Can I sell my story to more than one magazine?

Our magazines pride themselves in featuring exclusive stories, so we ask that you appear in one magazine only. Then 10 days after the magazine hits the shelves, you are free to resell your story if you choose to do so.