Sell My Story

Wondering ‘How do I sell my story and keep 100% of the cash?’ — you’ve come to the right place!

Take a Break and that’s life! are Britain’s biggest-selling weekly women’s magazines, publishing true-life stories all about YOU and YOUR life. Every week we print real-life stories, which often involve tributes to loved ones and stories that raise awareness or expose crimes — with even more great content in our monthly editions and our brand-new magazine, Simply You.

Our guarantee is that you’ll always get the best deal by selling to us DIRECT, rather than going through an agency sales person who will take a large cut of your fee. Cut out the middleman and earn earn the full lot by selling us your story today.

We’re always on the lookout for all kinds of true stories. Perhaps you have a cheating ex you’d like named and shamed? Or you have an inspirational story of survival that our readers can relate to? Maybe you want to raise awareness to help others, so they don’t suffer as you have? Whatever the topic — we want to hear from you!

Even if you’re unsure, just give us a call and we can explain in more detail what it involves, helping you decide. At no point will you be pressurised to go ahead.


There are lots of ‘sell your story’ agencies and journalists out there who will offer to represent you, but most act as middlemen — buying stories from people like you, then selling them to us. They’ll often claim they can get you a higher fee than if you went direct but that’s simply not true.

Selling your story to us DIRECT ensures that you keep ALL the cash.

Often when you go through an agency you speak to more than one journalist — the initial agent and the journalist at the magazine it’s sold on to. By going DIRECT you’ll only have to tell your story ONCE, saving you heartache and time.


Our readers love HEART-BREAKING and HEART-WARMING stories that they can relate to.

Examples of stories that our readers enjoy in particular include… love rat and relationship stories, true crime stories, health and survivor stories, stories of abuse and domestic violence, stories about miracle babies and inspirational children, and extreme weight-loss or life-transformation stories.

Don’t worry about providing lots of detail at this stage, just a brief summary will do.



1.       Simply complete our two-minute story valuation form — it’s 100% free and confidential, with no obligation on your part.

2.       If your story is suitable, one of our friendly journalists will get in touch to find out more.

3.       If after speaking to our team you’re happy to go ahead, you will be offered a fee for your story from one of our magazines.

You will usually know within a few days if you have been successful — and please rest assured, we will NEVER publish your story without speaking to you first.

Your story will always be read back to you, to make sure you’re happy, before going to print.

Natasha Todd